24hr COURSE – Sat 15th May – Sun 16th May 2021

Starting May 15, 2021 24hrs

Duration: 10am to 10am

This course aims to take you to the next level of bushcraft experience. During the course you will learn skills and techniques that are key to surviving in the wild including;

  •    DEER BUTCHERY – Master the skill of butchering and processing a deer for food, clothing, cordage & more.
  •    HIDE TANNING – Learn about how to tan a deer / rabbit hide using modern & ancient methods.
  •    FIRE-LIGHTING MASTERCLASS – Fire from scratch, tinders, wood selection & more.
  •    BUSHCRAFT COOKING – Learn how to make the most from cooking over a camp fire (wild cooking)
  •    CORDAGE MAKING – Make cordage from tree bark, plant fibres and roots.
  •    FORAGING – Identify natures edibles and more importantly….natures non-edibles!
  •    WILLOW WEAVING – Weave something special to take home.
  •    SHELTER BUILDING (OPTIONAL) – Construct your very own home for the night.
  •   SPOON CARVING – Wood identification / selection, tools and techniques to create a spoon to be proud of.

You will be preparing your own dinner (deer/pigeon/duck/pheasant) and then cooking it over a fire that you have created from scratch. After dinner, you will have the chance to chill out and relax around the fire which is the perfect opportunity to finish your spoon carving, natural cordage or master your newly developed skill of fire-lighting before retiring to your bed under canvass, tarp or the stars.

Sleeping arrangements: Hammock + tarp / tent / or in your own shelter!