Based in the heart of Somerset

Take a look around our woodland camp

Situated in dense pine woodland, our camp boasts to be one of the westcountrys finest bushcraft venues, hands down! Our purpose built A-frame shelter is a great venue for any weather. With seating and tables to host up to 60 persons, you are sure to find yourself in a spacious environment and not cramped together hiding under a small tarp. Solidly constructed with materials sourced from the woodland itself, the A-frame shelter is a great example of ‘working with nature’


Speaking of nature…..we also have composting purpose built male & female toilets, so no need to hide away behind a tree!


Our camp-fire camp is covered by a large parachute and also has well constructed lean-to shelters.


The site also has 2 lakes, ideal for trapping crayfish and fishing challenges


‘LOW-ROPES’ obstacle course

The ‘Low Ropes’ obstacle course is great fun, for whatever your age. Climb, clamber and jump between suspended obstacles to make it to the end. This is a great activity for team-building as the teams work to compete against eachother.